Uh Oh! Couple Caught Getting Frisky on Zoom Call!

Murray Stewart Trains In Isolation

This is a lesson in always make sure you hang up your Zoom calls...maybe even shut the computer!

A couple in Brazil were caught getting dirty after the man forgot to shut down his Zoom call after a city council meeting! The whole thing was caught by 8 other members!

Apparently the other staff members decided to ignore what was happening and continue.

I have a question though - why not kick him out of the Zoom room?! There should have been someone in charge of that and kicked him out!

I guess they said

"As soon as we noticed what was happening, we immediately asked the people controlling the audio and video of the participants to take it off the feed. Us councillors and other participants do not have any input in controlling or editing videos on Zoom.”

It's unclear if the guy who was getting down has been punished.

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