Coca-Cola Says They're Giving Their Workers Election Day Off!

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I've always believed that Election day should be a day off from work so that you can go vote. Mainly because a lot of people have a hard time getting to the polls during a work day or sometimes the lines are so long that it makes it harder for people!

I do BELIEVE though that you should prove that you went to vote on that day off because we know some people will lie!

Anyways - this is a HUGE Election year and we've already seen so much going on with voter suppression - So comedian Sarah Silverman called out some big businesses asking if they would give their workers the day off so that they can go vote AND Coca-Cola responded!

Obviously we have no idea where we'll be in November with the pandemic and if it will be safe to go to an actual polling location but fingers crossed!

We'll see if other companies follow suit! A lot of companies have already announced that they won't be open on Thanksgiving so this could be another day off for the workers!

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