Pandemic Reshaping Air Travel As Carriers Struggle

Airlines continue to struggle as travelers are wary about air travel.

Although airlines are trying to convince travelers that it’s safe to travel with mandatory masks rules in place and hospital-grade air filters being used to make the air safe but travelers aren’t buying it. 

On a global level, air travel is down 85 percent. Several carriers have filed for bankruptcy protection and with the coronavirus not showing signs of easing in the Fall, more carriers could follow suit. 

The four major U.S. airlines have lost $10 billion since April. A Consumer Reports survey of 1,000 revealed that 70 percent of those surveyed felt flying was unsafe. 

The CDC says sitting within six feet of someone on a plane poses an elevated risk but says most viruses and bacteria don't spread easily on planes due to the way air circulates.

The International Air Transport Association predicts air travel won’t recover until 2024. 

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