Georgia Teen Suspended After Sharing Picture of Crowded Hallway!

You know what, I don't think this is right! All this teen was trying to do was show the TRUTH!

Now granted there might be some kind of rule about using social media during school hours but c'mon, you know they suspended her because she exposed the school!

So a few days ago a photo of a crowded hallway of a school in Georgia went viral!

Now we've found out that the student Hannah Watters, 15 took the photo has been suspended for a week!

"I took the photo initially after seeing the first day of school photo taken by someone else go online as well and got picked up by some media coverage," Watters said. "And I took it out of mostly concern and nervousness after seeing the first days of school."

Her classmate, fellow sophomore Chelsea Lennon, spoke to Good Morning America, saying she too felt unsafe at North Paulding High School.

"I saw many people were not wearing masks, and it was making me feel really unsafe and uncomfortable to be in school," Lennon said.

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