Woman Causes a Scene At DMV, BF Tells Her "You Don't Want This **** Again!"

DMV Re-Opens 25 California Offices That Were Closed Due To COVID-19 Pandemic

Yes we've seen a million videos of people causing a scene because they didn't want to wear a mask!

This woman was with her boyfriend at the DMV and refused to wear a mask! She woman tries to say that a "mandate" is not a law and she doesn't have to wear one. It should be noted that she DIDN'T even HAVE to be there, she was just keeping her boyfriend company!

Well after the worker at the DMV says he's going to call the cops - her boyfriend says "The cops are gonna come, you don't want that s*** again!"

HAHAHAHA! Oh poor guy, he knows he's with someone who is annoying and clearly this isn't the first time this has happened to them!

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