Rumors of Another Eminem & Rihanna Collab Coming Soon!

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We know that when Rihanna and Eminem come together good things happen! Well apparently the two are coming together again, or at least that's what the rumors are!

The marketing group who handles Shady Records posted a photo on their IG account, it included the logo that was used during the Monster Tour. Which is the backwards E and a R, plus a pair of starring eyes emoji!

Now we don't know what this means, are they going to celebrate an anniversary or maybe they're dropping a new single.

We know Rihanna has been working on new music and Em is always working!

Now this could also mean NOTHING, but late last year the same company posted about "Eminem season is upon us" and then a month later we got a feature from Eminem and then another month later he gave us a brand new album. SOOOOO maybe something really is coming!

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