99 Year Old Woman Sets Record as Oldest Active Pilot & Flight Instructor

At 99 years old, Robina Asti is soaring to new heights. She has been teaching people how to fly for decades. "I love getting people to experience what it's like to lift off this Earth," Asti told KABC. "It is so good."

Now the California woman is taking her love of flying to the record books. ABC7 reports she is the world's oldest active pilot and flight instructor. Asti gave her final flight lesson on Sunday and took a student into the air, which qualified her for the world's oldest pilot record.

"She taught me some things up there that I haven't learned in well over 1,000 hours," said student Brandon Martini. "It was neat getting a new perspective from somebody who's been flying so long.

The world's oldest pilot record was previously held by a man from Iowa, who flew at 98 years old.

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