Kanye West Sends Out More Tweets! Mentions Kim, Meek Mill and Kris Jenner!


Kanye West has spent the last couple days sending out a lot of tweets that caused a lot of concern for him. Well last night he decided to tweet and delete again!

Kim and Meek Mill met up in 2018 when they were part of a Prison reform summit!

I know a lot of people had made memes and made fun of this situation but Kanye is going through something very real right now! And that's why his wife Kim has decided to speak out!

She released a long statement on her Instagram story explaining that this is a very complicated situation and anyone who has Bi-polar or knows someone with Bi-Polar knows that unless the person is a minor, family and friends can only do so much without the person engaging in the process!

Check out her message below!

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