Offset Buys Kulture a Birkin Bag For Her 2nd Birthday!

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I'm not here to tell anyone what to do with their money, they earned it, worked hard for it and whatever they want to do with it, is there business! But I will say a 2 year old doesn't know the difference between a Birkin and a purse from Forever 21!

To celebrate baby Kulture's 2nd Birthday Offset decided to give Kulture, her very own Birkin Bag!

I can understand if Kulture loves her Mommy's purses and he wanted to give her her very own. But you know she's gonna put Cheerios in that thing! She has NO idea what that purse is worth! Am I a little jealous? Hell ya! I can't even afford the keychain that comes with a Birkin bag haha! But maybe when Kulture is done with the purse she can give it to me!!! ;)

Happy Birthday Kulture!

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