Kanye West Drops New Track In Honor Of His Mom's Birthday! Listen Here!

CA: Kanye West and Donda West Sign Copies Of Her New Book "Raising Kayne"

It’s been over ten years since Kanye West’s Mom passed away too soon! We know what Kanyes Mom means to him! And the other day it was her Birthday! So Kanye West honored his beautiful Mama, by dropping a song for her! In a tweet he said "In loving memory of my incredible mother on her birthday” The track is Called Donda and it actually starts off with her reciting KRS-One lyrics from "Sound of da Police" before he cuts in just after the 1:30 mark.

I really appreciate the part where he says

“Mama I need you to tuck me in/ I done made some mistakes and they rubbed it in/ I know you and grandma had enough of them/ Why I gotta be so stubborn then/ I’m doin this one for y’all/ So we can end racism once and for all.”

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