Zendaya & John David Washington Filmed a Secret Movie During Lockdown!

For months now the majority of Hollywood has been shut down! Movie release dates have been pushed back, shows were unable to finish or start filming but turns out some people figured out a way to work through it!

According to reports Zendaya and John David Washington filmed an entire movie during lockdown. It wasn't easy but this is how they got it done!

The movie is called Malcom and Marie and Zendaya posted about it the other day!

Apparently it's being compared to Marriage Story but during a pandemic. Apparently they filmed at a place called The Caterpillar House in Monterey - it gave them enough space to film but also away from a lot of people! The house sits on 33 acres of land in Carmel, Ca!

The script was written in 6 days by the creator of the TV show Euphoria. And if you follow Zendaya's career she starred in that TV show, so she already has a relationship with the creator.

John David was asked to take on the role because the creator kept envisioning him as the perfect match for Zendaya!

So I know what you might be thinking...how did they stay safe?

Apparently the cast and crew took several Covid-19 tests and quarantined in Monterey for two weeks before filming started!

They were not allowed to leave the property and had separate places to live.

Their temperature was taken twice a day. Wore masks and ate meals made by a chef who was quarantined with them.

ALSO, only 12 or less people were allowed on set at a time and if a crew member had to be in close proximity to the actors they had to wear PPE!

Apparently actors had to mic themselves and take care of their own costumes!

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