"Go Back To Your Country," Walmart Employee Attacked Over Having Low Pants

This isn’t right, and you shouldn’t talk to people how you want.

Be kind.

Respect for each other!

A video on Facebook has gone viral, and it shows an older man shoving a teen who worked at Walmart. According to the video, he was angry at the young man for wearing his “pants too low.”

The video was taken by Mat Weber, and he explained what happened:

“My friend Clayton and I were walking down one of the aisles at Arden Walmart when we heard screaming from one aisle over. We couldn’t tell what it was until we heard it again, this time someone yelled: “Go back to your own country”. Immediately, we ran over to see what was going on and saw two young employees in front of an older man in a red shirt. The man loudly commented several times how he hated the young employee’s pants being low. His wife then said the employee looked like a thug. The man then said to the employee, “I took a bullet for this country, show some respect.” The employee attempted to defend himself with a remark as the man was walking away. The man started charging back at the employee, saying “What’d you say?” in an aggressive, threatening manner. This same scenario happened two or three times before he ran up and shoved the employee. It was at this moment I was pulling up my phone. The video starts with the man chasing the employee to shove him for what I believe was the third time. I want to make clear that the reason the man looks off-balance at the beginning is because he was chasing the employee.

After the video, I told the employee we needed to find a manager immediately. Multiple supervisors were notified, who then located the store manager. He asked to see my video and, upon showing him, he asked me to send it to him. After doing so, we could hear shouting coming from the front of the store. Dozens of people ran to see what was going on. The man in the red shirt seemed to be heading toward the non-grocery side entrance of the store with his wife. Supervisors were instructing customers to stay back for their safety. A loud crash was heard from the entrance as if something was slammed down. After that, we did not see the man or his wife again. I then had a long talk with the employee who was attacked and his coworkers. I reassured him that he did the right thing and that no person gets to treat another human being that way for any reason.”

Watch the Facebook video above.

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