They Did It Again! You Won't Believe This "Sexy Halloween" Costume!

When will it STOP!!! I'm all down for sexy costumes on Halloween, but can we stop taking things that aren't suppose to be Sexy and turning them "sexy." Like a couple years ago when they tried to sell a "Sexy Harambe" costume!

OR like when they did "Sexy Handmaids Tale" - That one was annoying!!!

Well now they're trying to see a "Sexy Mister Rogers" costume!

Head over to Yandy's online store where the costume retailer sells its "Nicest Neighbor" getup, which features a nod to Mr. Rogers, only sexed-up with booty shorts and a deep plunging cropped sweater in his trademark red.

Want to complete the picture and perhaps ruin people's childhoods? Optional puppets of King Friday XIII and Henrietta Pussycat are available too.

See this is why we can't have nice things!!!

Can we NOT do this to the Legend Mister Rogers?!?!?! I hope I don't see anyone wearing this!

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