Lizzo Apologizes For Putting Postmates Driver On Blast For Stealing Food!

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It must be said...I LOVE LOVE LOVE LIZZO!!!! I've been loving her and I think she's amazing! So I feel bad that she felt the need to say sorry the other day for putting someone on blast!

It ALSO should be said that I've had my own issues with food delivery services so I get it, when you pay for something and it doesn't come the way you want, you're going to get a bit mad!

Well the other day Lizzo took to social media to air out some frustrations when she felt that her Postmates driver stole her food! Lizzo included the girls photo as well and profile!

That is where Lizzo might have taken it too far because Lizzo has a HUGE following! After receiving some backlash Lizzo took down the post and apologized!

I do appreciate her coming out and saying sorry and understanding where she might have been wrong! But I do feel bad, she's human, just like the rest of us and I know when I get bad customer service, I vent on social media! But ya, she could have vented but not put the girls photo up there! Good lesson for the rest of us!

In other news Lizzo is amazing and I think we should all watch her music video.

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