Should You See "Hustlers"? Plus See The REAL Women the Movie Is Based On!

So last night I was lucky enough to see an advance screening of Hustlers with our listeners and I was really nervous to watch the movie!

We've been hearing about this film for awhile now, we love the cast and the concept and I was worried that it wasn't going to live up to the hype!

Then the movie starts and I was hooked!! Without spoiling anything, lets get through the major points!

  1. This is one of Jennifer's BEST performances. I loved getting to see her play this badass woman who isn't always nice but is a EFFEN BOSS!!!! You really get to see Jennifer's acting range in this film and I didn't see JLo...I saw "Ramona." You want to be her friend and yet you are kind of scared to trust her!
  2. Constance Wu is GREAT...actually EVERYONES performance is on point! But I watch "Fresh off the Boat" which Constance stars in and I love "Crazy Rich Asians" and she just transforms into Destiny!
  3. There are cameos and special moments that had me smiling from ear to ear!
  4. The story is GREAT! If you want to read the article that the movie is based off CLICK HERE!
  5. My co-worker said it felt long, but I didn't feel that way!
  6. Go see it!!!! That is all!

Now below - check out the the REAL women that were behind the scam!

The girl with Jennifer Lopez is the real "Destiny" - her character is played by Constance Wu! Jennifer's character Ramona is based on Samantha Barbash - according to Oprah Magazine

It’s titled Underscoreand is set to hit shelves later this month. Claiming Hustlers is a farce, Barbash ensures her written story from cover to cover is the truth, detailing her nights with entertainment moguls and Fortune 500 CEOs.

“They’re going off a false story. I was not a stripper. Everything—where [J-Lo] is going on poles and stuff—that’s not me,” the reported. She called the ordeal a “living nightmare” and told the Post, “It’s my story she’s making money off of. If she wants to play me, then she should have gotten the real story. … They should have worked with me instead of against me.”Her lawyer, however, toldPage Six, “We plan on seeing the movie before deciding on what steps to take.”

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