Saweetie Makes REAL Street Fest 2019 ICY!

It may be hot in Anaheim for REAL Street Fest, but the stage instantly turned icy the second Saweetie hit the stage.

She hit the stage wearing a Nipsey Hussle blue outfit and heels before she ended up telling her stylist on stage, "I love you, but my feet are killing me and I need to change out of these shoes before I break my neck up here."

She ended up changing into sneakers while saying "Rest in Peace Nipsey."

Once she got into something a little more comfortable, she made a statement saying "I'm all about women supporting women instead of hating on them. That's why i'm saying to free my girl JT."

She then started a chant of "FREE JT" before going into her song with City Girls and DJ Durel "Come On."

JT is a member of the rap duo City Girls and she is currently serving her 2-year jail sentence after turning herself in for fraud charges.

She's expected to be released from jail in 2020.

The Bay Area rapper Saweetie was on the rise when she released her freestyle of "ICY GRL."

Even though she released her ICY EP in March, she originally turned it in to Warner Records last year, bu she felt like something was missing.

She ended up going back in the studio with London On Da Track, where they ended up turning Petey Pablo's song "Freek-A-Leek" to create "My Type."

Saweetie had the crowd going crazy as she was ending her set with the summer anthem.

Of course, she couldn't leave REAL Street Fest 2019 without jumping off stage to get closer to the fans.

Sweetie recently made headlines when a fan asked what happens when Hot Girl Summer is over and she replied it's about to be an ICEY GIRL WINTER!

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