Gashi Says Support Friends, Stop Supporting People You Don't Even Know

Even though he’s sick, Gashi still made it all the way to Los Angeles to perform at the REAL Street Fest. The Albanian rapper took a moment to chop it up with REAL 92.3's Chuey about food, career moves, and supporting the right people.

Upcoming artist Maxx Owa and Sebastian also jumped into the interview to receive a plethora of accolades from Gashi regarding their music.

“Max owa is one of the greatest artist of our generation. He’s on my album, it’s called Yesterday so that’s going to be a big single too.”

“Sebastian is an incredible young artist," Gashi added.

“So this is the future. Maxx Owa and Sebastian are the future. And I’m the future too, we all the future. I think the platforms I’m getting right now, it’s only right to share it with artist I like.”

Chuey then asked him "how beautiful is it to pay it forward and open doors for other artist?"

“I took the stairs up because nobody sent me an elevator, but now that I’m up I’m sending the elevator down to every artist that I f-ck with," Gashi answered.

“Support your friends. Stop supporting people that you don’t even know. And stop competing with your team, you need to start eating with your team. “

Thats facts. All it takes is the right support and that's exactly what the "Creep on Me" artist said happened the first moment he heard his song playing on the radio.

“My whole life changed because one radio station played my song. That’s why the radio will never die. No matter how many playlist...the radio will never die.”

Check out the full interview below!