Doja Cat Talks About Her Upcoming Album At REAL Street Fest 2019!

Doja Cat showed up to our Hennessy Lounge at REAL Street Fest 2019 in style with hot pink everything!

While we think her outfit is on point, she says this look is "panic and stress," but she did say she felt cute so that's all that matters.

She is currently working on a new album that will be out soon.

The album is pretty much done, but she's just doing the finishing touches.

She told Chuey Martinez, "I'm very proud of it and i'm very excited. The last project was a struggle, but this one is a huge upturn for me."

As for the the style of the music, it's very versatile with a lot of different genres, African influences, and even an R&B track.

Don't worry there's going to be a lot of turn up songs.

Since it's still summer, Doja Cat has videos planned because she has no visuals and she's a very visual person.

One thing to get fans excited is that she ha a lot of features coming up, bu the can't reveal who they are yet.

Doja cat gets to travel the world, but she never gets to have fun when she goes there because she's always working.

The one place on her bucket list is to go to Japan.

Doja Cat recently cleared things up regarding the negative comments around the video of Doja Cat joking around to Cardi B’s song “Press.”

Doja Cat said “Not that this song isn’t fire. This song is so fuego, but this doesn’t matter because hatred is more entertaining and I make fun of everybody including myself.”

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