BlueFace Crip Walks and Asks Girls to Go Topless at REAL Street Fest 2019

BlueFace Baby! REAL Street Fest has kicked off its very first festival and welcomed none other than rapper, BlueFace. The "Thotiana" artist hit the stage performing some of his hits including Daddy, Bleed it, and Bussdown. The crowd was fully enthralled, with even some women going topless at the request of Blueface. The crowd was wild to say the least.

"We finna go viral up in here," BlueFace yelled. Well he certainly has a way of doing that - remember the "Oh I'm bout to get direspectful in this muthaf**ka" meme? Classic twitter response right there. On stage, Blueface took a couple of minutes to show us what the blue in his name stood for - with a crip walk. Check it out below.

We're glad to see BlueFace taking some time away from his umm *cough* sexual activities. If you'll recall - earlier this week, Big Boydropped an interview where the 22 year old bragged about sleeping with 1000 women in the last 6 months. No wonder he felt offended when Big guessed maybe around 5...the actual number is shocking. The look on Big's face is classic.

"It's like sometimes it might be a threesome, it might be a foursome. I done had a fivesome," he said. "Me and four was pretty hard."

No doubt. Beyond exploring the many women he meets, during the interview, the artist also explained his polyamourous relationship at home. He says the relationship wasn't easy how it came about, but for now it definitely works.

"We can't it without each other. Can't do the one without the one," he said.

Blueface revealed that his relationships are actually shot called by his baby mother. If baby mama doesn't like the girl, then she can't come into the triangle.

"Did you ever think that she would be open to having someone else join you guy's relationship?," Big Boy Neighborhood's Natalia asked.

"Hell nah. Sh-t I was just dealing with them both. They both knew about it...First it was like 'alright, we tired of you lying to us.'"

Watch the full interview below!

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