Yung Pinch Talks Fans Texting Him And Stage Diving At REAL Street Fest!

Yung Pinch stopped by the Hennessy Lounge at REAL Street Fest 2019 and there was no better way to make his first stop right here in his hometown with us especially after the night he had last night.

He mentions that even though he blacked out the night before, he had to arrive early because he couldn't miss out!

Even though he put his phone number out in July on social media for his fans to text him, the good news is that he still has the same phone number!

The purpose of Yung Pinch releasing his phone number is to connect with the fans and get a little bit of a break from social media.

He's able to have a full channel of communication so fans can ask him whatever they wanted and know they can expect a reply back.

One thing that won't be happening is him stage diving on the REAL Street Festival stage because he's scared if someone touches his stomach, he'll throw up.

Yung Pinch released a new song “Perfect” in June to hold fans over until his album comes out.

It was originally supposed to come out in July so now it’s a waiting game.

However, he constantly tells fans how much he loves them and asks to not give up on him.

You can check out the full interview below:

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