Kyle Admit He Wants Lil Uzi Vert's Superpower at REAL Street Fest 2019

SuperDuperKyle stopped by the Hennessy Lounge with DJ Hed and Chuck Dizzle to catch up on the iSpy rappers latest projects.

Kyle just wrapped up his album and says it will drop as soon as the features clear up.

“I don’t like giving dates out until I know that date is for sure. In the world of being on a major label, you never really know.”

When questioned who is featured on the latest project, Kyle’s lips were zipped shut on what we can expect. He did however admit one tidbit.

“Yachty is not on the project.”

This year, he’s mostly focused on his film projects and has since produced his first tv show called Sugar and Toys. Earlier this summer, Kyle also teamed up with Axe and Marvel to cameo in their newest online comic series, The Fresh-Men.

Dj Hed: Who did you have yo pay off to get in the comic book?

Kyle: I don’t know how they set that up, but I’ve been good friends with Axe for a minute now and we’ve done a lot of partnerships together so when they came at me with this Marvel one, I was like dog yes, for sure.

When asked if he could take anyone’s superpower and give it to himself:

“For sure I’m trying ya take Lil Uzi's ability to break dance!

Check out the fun interview with Real 92.3's DJ Hed and Chuck Dizzle below.

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