Kid Buu Talks About Trolls And The Proper Way To Drink Hennessy!

Kid Buu stopped by our Hennessy Lounge with The Cruz Show and we couldn't start the interview without doing a shot of Hennessy!

He said the Russians taught him to take the shot and then inhale so that it goes straight to your kidneys instead of your belly.

Kid Buu wants to close out 2019 with all good energy and leaving dumb stuff in the past.

He just hopes no one tempts him, but he did mention that he's fasting on trolling.

However, the one person he would troll is Mickey Mouse because his daughter wanted to join him at REAL Street Fest, but she ended up going to the Disneyland Resort instead.

The Jersey born and South Florida raised rapper Kid Buuis getting ready to release his upcoming mixtape "Attack of the Clones" this summer.

He created his own buzz of getting noticed by being a SoundCloud rapper.

However, he believes that he's using the same old school tactics, but formatting the tactics to the current social media world.

You can check out his interview with The Cruz Show in the Hennessy Lounge at REAL Street Fest below:

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