Flipp Dinero Says He Has A Project Coming Up At REAL Street Fest 2019!

Flipp Dinero stopped by The Hennessy Lounge with DJ Hed and Chuck Dizzle before he hits the 2019 REAL Street Fest stage.

The last time Flipp Dinero stopped by the station he was telling DJ Hed how he's really into books.

When Hed asked him what he's been reading lately, he said that he's really into the book he just bought called "The Art Of Not Giving A F***."

He said he likes the physical books, but he doesn't mind the audio books considering he's going through about 40 or 50 pages a day to keep his mind going.

When it comes to the music, Flipp Dinero says that he does have a project coming up, but he won't reveal any guests that will be on tracks with him.

His song "Leave Me Alone" was very successful, but he's using that success to keep him moving forward and releasing songs that people can relate to.

Melody is making its way into the music and chaining the dynamic of East Coast rap, he says that as time progressed it just means that hip-hop has broadened.

Since Flipp Dinero is from the tri-state area, the one place he has to stop when he is in LA is always In-N-Out.

If you were wondering yes he gets grilled onions on his burger.

Flipp Dinero is proud of his Haitian heritage especially since he's first generation so having his background influence his music is simply who he is as a person.

He was recently featured on Jovanie’s new single “Magic” for that perfect summer vibe.

You can't leave a Homegrown radio interview without speaking positive vibes into existence so the one thing Flipp Dinero says he won't be able end 2019 without emotional happiness.

If you're thinking it means he wants a girlfriend, sorry ladies he's off the market!

You can check out the full interview below:

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