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After five years since EA Access was shot down by Sony for it not being a "good value", EA Access has finally landed on the Playstation 4. EA Access has been exclusive to Microsoft's Xbox gaming console since it's launch. So was Sony right or is EA Access actually worth getting?

EA Access can be broken down into 3 things: The Vault, Member Discounts, & Early Trials. The Vault will will have older EA titles in a playable library as long as you remain a member. Some of the newer EA titles are restricted to a 10 hour trial period before you have to purchase it. If you do decide to purchase, members of EA Access will receive a 10% discount.

Is there an app for that? - Yes! EA Access does have an app so when you are away from your console, you can still control your account and look through their growing library.

Backwards Compatibility: Here is where the value to me loses some of its luster. Unlike the Xbox Ea Access, the PS4 version offers no backwards compatibility. Since titles like Mass Effect & Dead Space were only on PS3, you won't be able to add those to your PS4 library. To me, if EA Access is worth it to you and you happen to be lucky enough to own both consoles, Xbox is a much better choice due to it being the same price as the PS4 version of EA Access.

Early Trials: Try before you buy! One of the cardinal rules for any video game, especially one from EA who has a very up and down history with the gaming community on games they have released. EA Access allows you to demo EA games before you fully commit to them. This might have helped some people deter from buying "Anthem" which is now all but dead due to it basically being an incomplete game and not at all what EA had promised hopeful fans.

PRICE: OK OK I know you are dying to know and probably just wanted me to get straight to it. The price point for EA Access on both consoles is $4.99/mo or $29.99/yr.

What do you think? Is EA Access something you have to have or is it something you can live without?

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