66-Year-Old Director Of Human Services Fired Over 2Pac Obsession

A 66-year-old director of the Iowa Department of Human Services was fired due to his obsession with Tupac. 

Jerry Foxhoven, sent emails, had birthday parties and created playlists about the Hip-Hop legend and his co-workers finally got fed up with it. 

Foxhoven sent his love of Tupac to all 4,300 employees, which included weekly emails on “Tupac Fridays” and a playlist that was played all day in the office. 

On his 65th birthday, Foxhoven had Tupac-themed birthday cookies with “Thug Life” on them.

During his two years as a director, Foxhoven sent over 350 pages of Tupac emails. 

Do you think Foxhoven should’ve been fired? I personally think the entire department should've been fired because this man is a hero in my books.