What Is The Bonus Footage In The New Version of Avengers: Endgame??

So as you know Marvel is doing a "re-release" of Avengers: Endgame, the new version will feature three new things.

First, The deleted scene will focus on The Hulk. Apparently it will also address what happened with his arm during the battle. During the final scene we see The Hulk's arm in a sling but nothing more than that. Also it should be noted that Mark Ruffalo has one more Marvel movie in his contract so this scene could give us a hint about when we'll see The Hulk next.

Second, there will be a scene that will set up some things in Spider-Man: Far From Home. I have a feeling that it will also discuss the Multi-Verse.

Lastly, there will be a Stan Lee tribute. We heard that there was suppose to be a tribute in Endgame but all we got was a Stan Lee Cameo (The last cameo he filmed) but looks like we'll finally get that tribute that we've been waiting for.

So if you're a super fan then you'll for sure love all the extras, but I also think a lot of people will wait until the DVD comes out to watch all the bonus footage.

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