Love Thanksgiving?! Then You'll Love this New Holiday!

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Hands down Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE Holiday! I love the food, I love spending time with my family, I love having a "FriendsGiving" the night before! I LOVE the food coma and I LOVE LOVE LOVE leftovers! So I definitely perked up when I heard that there was another Holiday just like Thanksgiving but it's called "SummerGiving."

A guy from New Jersey is trying to get "SummerGiving" to become a thing! So when and how do you celebrate?

It's the FIRST Saturday after the Summer Solstice...which means we have to do this tomorrow!

Who do you celebrate with? No need to worry about that one relative you don't want to see because this holiday is all about your best friends!

What do you do? Eat your favorite food! Easy enough right?!

The holiday is starting to get some love on social media and the World Day Calendar has added the holiday to their list of Holidays in June!

Can you see yourself celebrating "SummerGiving"??? Sounds like just a normal BBQ to me!

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