If You Ever Get To Drink With Rihanna You Better Do This One Thing!

AHHHH Seth Meyers is SO lucky!!! He got to day drink with Rihanna! I've ALWAYS wanted to drink/party with Rihanna! She just seems like she'd be so much fun!!!

Well the other day Seth got to sit down and make drinks for Rihanna and each drink was in honor of his favorite RiRi songs! Also if you noticed during their first drink Rihanna makes Seth Re-Cheers because Seth didn't look at her in the eye!

YESSSSS RIRI!! That is the RULE! If you cheers, you HAVE to look at the person you are doing the cheers with! I know it's tough because you're looking at where your glass is going or you're trying not to spill but it's a MUST!

So apparently Seth skipped his monologue last night because he was TOO Hungover! HAHA! See this is why I want to drink with Rihanna!

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