Ciara Shuts Down Fan Who Criticized Her For Officiating A Gay Wedding!

2019 Billboard Music Awards - Red Carpet

Ciaraaaaaaaa!!! I love her and I love this quick clap back that she gave one follower who left her comment about a recent appearance in a music video where she was officiating a Gay Wedding!

Check out the video below, to see Ciara's part skip over to 1:29!

So one person left Ciara a comment that said "Ciara. You shouldn't be doing this, We respect u too much, Being at a gay wedding is one thing and joining them together is even more a greater sin. We love you but this is wrong."

Ciara normally doesn't respond to people who criticize her but this time she did.

"Firstly, Christians don't judge, Secondly, #YouNeedToCalmDown."

Get it Ciara!!! It bugs me that people love to judge behind their phone. Be and Let Be! If that is what Ciara wants to do, let her do that, you don't have to live her life! And don't give me that "But she's a role model!" Be your own role model!

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