Why did Rihanna Rent An Entire Island???

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I feel like Rihanna has heard us and our demands for a new album! We've been waiting FOREVER for new music from RiRi and we've seen Rihanna's comments about it, basically she will drop the music when the music is ready!

Granted I know she's pretty busy with all her other businesses but still, I need some new RiRi in my life!

Well looks like Rihanna is ready to finish the album because she just rented an entire island for herself so that she could finish the album!

Apparently Rihanna has rented Osea Island in Essex and it's owned by Nigel Frieda, and there is a lavish studio there for Rihanna to use!

This will allow Rihanna to have her friends and family around and work on the album at her own pace and away from everything!

I feel like we're one step closer to getting that new album from Rihanna!

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