Another stupid Astronaut Movie with an A-List Star! Why? [Watch Trailer]

Another fucking Astronaut movie and I can't take it! This time with Brad Pitt and Tommy Lee Jones with "AD Astra" where he tries to save the world. Let's go over some of the A-list Actors who have played Astronaut's in movies...

Johnny Depp - The Astronaut's Wife

Tom Hanks - Apollo 13 (The Best)

Ben Affleck - Armageddon

Bruce Willis - Armageddon

Billy Bob Thornton - The Astronaut Farmer

George Clooney - Solaris

Val Kilmer - Red Planet

Sandra Bullock - Gravity

Matthew McConaughey - Interstellar

Ryan Gosling - First Man

Matt Damon- The Martian

Can we just stop making Astronaut Movies! Which one do you think was the best? For me it's between Gravity and Apollo 13.

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