Drake Meets Up w/ Obama At The NBA Finals!

2019 NBA Finals - Game Two

Awww Drake didn't get to celebrate last night the way he did after Game 1, now the NBA Finals series is tied 1-1, game three goes down Wednesday night.

HOWEVER it wasn't a bad night at all because Drake got to slap hands with Barack Obama before the game. WHAT?! Ughhhhh, I would literally faint if I met Barack Obama!! But for now I have to try and live through Drake! Check out the moment below!

That wasn't the only thing that happened behind the scenes, after the game Drake ended up crossing paths with Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant. Of course the back and forth is all fun! If you remember after Game 1 Drake called Draymond Green "Trash" - but according to reports Drake and Draymond met up at the Catcus Club Cafe and had some drinks and then some other Warrior players came and joined them!

So even though it looks tense, it's not that serious for the guys!

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