The Lakers G.M. Straight Up Lied About Kobe Bryant & Heath Ledger!

Earvin "Magic" Johnson & Rob Pelinka Los Angeles Lakers Media Availability

This isn't the first time someone is caught in a lie, but watching someone lie is kind of HILARIOUS!

So there has been so much going on right now with the Lakers and one of them is Rob Pelinka (The Lakers General Manager) caught lying about Kobe Bryant and Heath Ledger.

So in the video you hear Rob Pelinka tell a story about how Kobe and Heath had dinner after Kobe say Heath play "The Joker" in the movie The Dark Knight.

Check it out below

So why is this a problem? Well it's because The Dark Knight was released June 2008. Sadly Heath Ledger passed away January 2008. On top of that the director of The Dark Knight Christopher Nolan once said that when Heath passed away Chris was only in the middle of editing the movie and Heath had only seen the beginning bank scene.

SOOOOOOO there is no way Kobe could have seen that movie! Part of me hopes that Rob was confused with a different actor, but he just gives so many details it's like "How are you that confused?!"

I wish The Rock could reveal what was going on in his head at the moment he had to listen to this fake story. I wonder if he knew the timeline was wrong?!

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