Bow Wow Puts Instagram Models Who Travel On Blast, Does He Have a Point?

Bow Wow has a question for all you Instagram models, "How do you afford your lifestyles?"

He asked this question on his Instagram story over the weekend because according to him, "none of the IG models he's dealt with have had money for a ride home, let alone a luxury vacation."

"Who paying for this ish?!" Bow Wow asked. "Like you got no car no home but in Dubai this week and Turks next week."

He went on to say, "We all know yall ain't paying for this sh*t. Hell you ask me to pay for an Uber to get you home so I know you ain't busting $15,000 on no trip!"

Do you ever wonder the same thing about these Instagram models? Do you know an IG model that can actually explain how they get to travel the world? Do you think Bow Wow got duped by an IG model?

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