Looks Like Drake Responded To The Bucks Coach Over His Behavior!

Milwaukee Bucks v Toronto Raptors - Game Four

If you've been watching the Toronto Raptors and Milwaukee Bucks series then you've probably seen Drake on the sidelines pumping up his team!

Some would say his energy was a bit excessive but others would just say he loves his team. Well it seems to have rubbed the Bucks the wrong way (especially since they lost the last two games) so much so that a rep for Giannis Antetokounmpo responded by saying

Imagine a gig & an athlete on VIP seats, right next to the band, stands up on the stage just to show off during the entire game, knowing cameras are on him, occasionally even massaging the singer. Security&him both allow it. Never seen anything as disrespectful as this before...

Then apparently the Bucks coach made a comment about the whole thing on a conference call.

Well Drake didn't really seem to care about what people are saying because he kind of responded on his IG story! Check out what he said below!

Game 5 goes down tonight!!!

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