You Won't Believe Who Is Going To Be Play Batman!!

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So it's not confirmed yet but apparently they are very close to picking their new Batman! AND I can't lie, I'm a little confused on why they would pick this person, but maybe they see something I don't!

ROBERT PATTINSON!!! Ok you remember a few years ago Robert was one of the biggest stars on the planet because he played beloved Fiction character Edward Cullen. Literally this guy couldn't go anywhere where young girls could go because they would just attack him!

Well apparently Warner Brothers and Matt Reeves are working on a new Batman movie called "The Batman" and it's suppose to come out June 25, 2021!

Ben Affleck was suppose to direct this movie but backed out in 2017 and that's when Matt Reeves stepped in!

Like I said, the deal isn't fully done, but they are very close!!!


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