Who Spilled The News About Kim & Kanye's Surrogate Going Into Labor??


So any minute now Kim and Kanye will be welcoming Baby #4 - their surrogate is currently in labor and Kim and Kanye are at the hospital waiting! The baby could actually already be here and we don't know because we know they like to keep some things private for awhile!

But yesterday Mama Kardashian was on the Ellen DeGeneres show and was surprised by some of her Grand Babies and Kourtney, but Kourtney revealed the news to everyone!

So obviously Kourtney spilled the news to the audience but I'm sure the news would have come out soon anyways!

As you know Kim and Kanye are having a boy and they may name him after her Dad and Brother, so the Baby could be Robert West! But we'll have to wait and see if that ends up happening or if they go with another name.

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