This Is How Nipsey Hussle Planned to Beat Gentrification

Nipsey Hussle was beginning to build the economic side of the Black Lives Matter movement, in an interview with the Los Angeles Times, real estate developer and Nipsey’s business partner, David Gross discussed how the “Our Opportunity” community investment fund was going to changes the lives of those that need it most.

"[Nipsey] wanted to be a symbol and really spark a movement," Gross said. The plan was to use a federal law tax to help communities in eleven cities to create projects by partnering with community leaders "in a systematic way," said Gross.

The “Our Opportunity” will be unveiled later this month, with Nipsey untimely death many of the participants in the initiative were deeply hurt but Gross says, “it was never a thought that it wouldn't go on."

If you could change something in your community that would better it’s residents what would you do?

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