Rotimi Talks 'Love Riddim', New Music, His Upbringing, Nipsey's Influence

Olurotimi Akinosho, famously known as Rotimi, is a longtime break-out artist as he converges his career-path from a Starz Power and Boss actor along with his experiences as a credible R&B artist. Following closely to the footsteps of the prominent modern day renaissance man Childish Gambino, more formally known as Donald Glover; Rotimi hopes to fill the shoes of the many multi-talented artists who excel in multiple mediums of the arts.

On the J Cruz Show, Rotimi primarily speaks upon his devotion to God and the immense love he has for his immigrant parents. Raised in a Nigerian household, Rotimi was brought up on the idea of "hard work" and these beliefs are what elevates his craft as a highly valued artist. Rotimi transparently vocalizes his "pride" for remaining true to his values even when surrounded by constant fame. He pulled a lot of these ideologies from his hard-working parents as well as the late Nipsey Hussle.

Continuing the conversation of passion Rotimi has for the arts he is involved with, the actor/singer humbly reveals how people like "Jamie Foxx" have provided a "blueprint" for him to follow and this is what will make him successful. Aside from the successors before him, he explains how surrounding himself with an "amazing team" and having a good and persistent work ethic will align his work with the legends of Hollywood. Dwelling on the concept of "outwork[ing]" others, Rotimi believes that is what makes actors like Dwayne Johnson so powerful. According to Rotimi, Johnson is not "the greatest" at his craft but he is willing "to outwork" others which is what makes his acting legacy so much more valued.

Rotimi derives a lot of his musical taste from singers "Akon" and "Craig David," he elaborates on the appreciation he has for them as they aided him on his journey to discovering his very own unique sound. Rotimi's newest track, "Love Riddim" has placed him on an upward trajectory which closely aligns him with the greats. Rotimi's newest EP, "Walk With Me" is set to release on May 24th and with his eclectic sound he has nowhere else to go but up.

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