Michael Blackson Roasts J Cruz On First Day At REAL 92.3

Known for his "Angry African Man" character in the wildly popular Friday film series, Michael Blackson makes a memorable and laughter-filled appearance on the J Cruz Show. The longtime comedian has played many roles and has had even more cameos on a long list of shows that were aired on Comedy Central. Far from foreign when it comes to performing in front of a crowd, Blackson knows how to light up a room with his explicit jokes and unfiltered way of speaking as J Cruz becomes the topic of many of his on the spot roasts.

Jafari Ferguson changed his name to Michael Blackson after coming to America from Ghana, he quickly created a name for himself by affiliating himself within America's beloved Black comedic entertainment. He has contributed in projects with Ice Cube, P. Diddy, Martin Lawrence...the list goes on, as he uses his African accent as a way to stir up a crowd and leave them breathless through his hilarious commentary and strong presence.

Michael Blackson's jokes tend to derive from his personal experiences as an African man who transformed himself into an unapologetic American comedian. Blackson highlights the shell-shock experience he had when he first arrived onto American soil, seeing how there was a vast array of colors within the Black community, itself. He thought he was "red [boned]" where he came from in Africa but in America he humorously makes the comment that people would say he has the complexion of the color, black, similarly to the "under the bed" darkness. This comical interaction between him and J Cruz is just a snippet of what Blackson has under his belt as a comedian who thinks on the fly and doesn't apologize for his humorous remarks.

In this interview, Blackson pays homage to Nipsey Hussle while throwing chucklesome jabs at J Cruz; their very amusing banter sets the foreground for their discussion about Michael Blackson's career as a comedian. Blackson's comedy is everything but most importantly, vibrant, as he knows how to deliver unsolicited jokes while leaving his audience smiling and wanting more.

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