Every Clue "G.O.T." Gave Us leading up to *THAT* Game of Thrones moment!

If you haven't see the new episode of "Game of Thrones" - you're wrong! You should have been there done that! BUT if for whatever reason you haven't seen it - just know there are spoilers ahead!! BUT - once you've seen the episode, come back and check out this blog!

Ok so in Sunday nights episode - Arya became the G.O.A.T. by killing the Night King. But turns out, we could have guessed that it would be her to kill him a LONG time ago because all the clues were there! For starters - Melissandre told Arya that she would kill someone with blue eyes, and who has the bluest eyes?! Yup!! The Night King!

We also saw the move that Arya used on the Night King last season while she was practicing with Brienne!

PLUS Bran knew what he was doing when he gave Arya the catspaw dagger that killed the Night King!

So now the question is...will Arya get the chance to kill Cersei?! Cersei has green eyes! HMMMM

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