LeBron James Joins #JusticeForLucca

LeBron James Joins #JusticeForLucca 15 year old Lucca from Broward County Florida has been trending on social media after a Broward County deputy slammed him to the ground and punched him in the face.

Deputies were trying to break up a crowd of kids who gathered to watch a fight at a fast food spot. Lucca bent down to pick up a cell phone when he was pepper sprayed, slammed to the ground and punched.

The incident was caught on video via cell phone footage. The officer's gun and badge have been taken pending an investigation.

Steve Kerr, coach of the Golden State Warriors tweeted, what the hell is wrong with this country? This is insane yet routine. So demoralizing.

LeBron, who once played for the Miami Heat, retweeted Steve Kerr and said, So wrong! Hurts me to my soul. To think that could be my sons. Scary times.

Many have continued to voice their anger on this clear use of excessive force and after seeing what happened to Lucca Broward, how could you not? Considering that most mass shooters are white and if apprehended, are done so being untouched and we've seen countless videos of police-involved killings even when black men and women are following orders to being slammed excessively with force for no reason at all; it can't be denied nor ignored that being Black in America is walking around with a target. How many more names, how many more hashtags, how many more kneeling will have to happen for this country to wake up and see that police brutality is real and out of control?!

Here are a few names of black lives taken by police officers, I dare you to Google and know their story...


Stephon Clark

Terence Crutcher

Philanando Castile

Alton Sterling

Walter Scott

Eric Harris

Tony Robinson

Antwon Rose Jr.

Eric Garner

Michael Brown Jr.

Laquan McDonald

Tamir Rice

Rumain Brisbon

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