03 Greedo Says His New Album Is "Really Powerful For The City”

03 Greedo might be currently serving a prison sentence in Texas, but the system can’t stop him from dropping the ideal project for the fast-approaching summer.

Enlisting iconic L.A. sound architect Mustard and his brightly colored soundscapes, Greedo shares Still Summer In The Projects, his first new full-length since beginning his prison term last year.

Spanning 11 songs, StillSummer In the Projects displays the versatility and variety typical of a Greedo project, as the Watts native consistently finds the most interesting way to approach Mustard’s warm keys and snapping snares. 

Earlier this week, Greedo released the Noisey-produced documentary Project Genius:The Story of 03 Greedo, which chronicles his rise and his importance to his Watts community.

Last month, 03 Greedo and Alamo Records unveiled "#LettersToGreedo," a new website and social media initiative.

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