There's One Thing Missing In The New "Lion King" Trailer!

I love DISNEY!! That just has to be said, like most people I'ma huge fan of all of their films especially the animated ones. I grew up watching ALL of them! I'll even admit that I made up a whole dance routine to The Lion King soundtrack that I use to perform in my was LIT!!! ;)

With that being said, I CAN'T wait to see this new version of The Lion King and Disney just dropped a new trailer for the film and it gave me chills!!

HOWEVER there is one thing missing! Watch the trailer and see if you can spot it?!

Ok this is what was missing...we didn't get to hear Donald Glover's voice OR Beyonce's voice! As you might know Donald Glover plays Simba and Beyonce plays Nala and I wanted to hear their voice SO bad!! I see what you did there Disney!

They did however play a snippet of Hakuna Matata and that was dope!

The movie drops July 19th!!

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