People Can't Believe How Old This Dentist Actually Is!


I came across this article and at first I was like, "alright, I'm probably not going to be shocked by her age, she's like 30 something," but let me tell you... I WAS SHOCKED!

Lee Su Jin is now the director of a dental clinic and has graduated from Seoul National University... 25 years ago!

Isn't that crazy? She looks like she just finished her training but she's been in the dental industry longer than I've been alive!

So how old do you think she is?

50... SHE IS 50 YEARS OLD!

Check out her other pictures from Instagram:


That was about 25 years ago!


That's her with her DAUGHTER!


That's her with her mom!


Alright, I'm outta here. Ima go work on myself so I can look like her at 50!

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