Why Was XXXTentacion Left Out Of the Grammy Segment? Find Out Here

As you know, most major award shows always have a Memoriam segment where they honor those that we have lost in the last year! Well during the Grammys we saw a lot of people that the music industry lost this year, like Mac Miller and Avicii. But one person that was not seen was XXXTentacion, a lot of fans were upset about this, but the President of the Grammys Neil Portnow explained that it was because of XXX's domestic violence past! Rolling Stone asked Portnow if XXX would be featured and he said

“I will tell you it’s a daunting challenge,” - “We track those that we lose in our industry in any given year and then we have a process by which we go through it. Our on-air in memoriam — we’re lucky if we wind up [featuring] 10 to 15 percent of those we lose. Because it’s always hard choices. All of that is to say, I don’t have any answers for you now, but obviously artists who were prominent and well-known by the public are people who are recognized and we’ll just wind up having to see how it plays out.”

Apparenlty XXX's reps made many requests to the Grammys to have him included in the segment but apparently it all came down to the domestic violence.

Of course people went off on twitter - some people supported the Grammys and others were upset!

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