Did Ariana Grande Shade Cardi B for Winning Best Rap Album at The Grammys?

Cardi B not only took home the Grammy hardware for Best Rap Album she also made history by winning the award. With the win, Cardi became the first female solo rapper to win in the 20-year history of the Best Rap Album category. 

"The nerves are so bad. Maybe I need to start smoking weed," said a clearly nervous Cardi as she accepted the award. Cardi got the nod for the award over other nominees in the category Nipsey Hustle, Mac Miller, Pusha T, and Travis Scott. 

Around the same time Ariana Grande was on twitter expressing her feelings. I hate to reach but her Tweets were around the time this award was being announced. A fan hoped on that thread and stated, "Ariana isn't shading Cardi it's cause Mac didn't win", before she deleted her tweets Ari responded "Nothing to do with her. good for her. i promise. i'm sorry." People are dragging Ariana for this but I truly don't think it was done out of malice, she reacted out of emotion and she apologized.

Check out the video below of Cardi B sharing her Grammy with Mac Miller. How happy were you when Cardi's name was called for the win?

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