Who Is Lori Harvey and Why Is Everyone Talking About Her?

Ok this is for everyone who doesn't know who Lori Harvey is! For starters she is the Step-Daughter of Steve Harvey!!! She actually took Steve's last name because she felt he was truly her Father!

She's 22 years old and a model! She's walked in huge fashion shows during Paris and Milan fashion weeks. But here's the thing, she is not your typical model because she's only 5'3''.

But that's not why everyone is talking about her or why her name was trending the other day on twitter! It's because of her dating history!

Lori's dating history is stacked with some famous names! First Diddy's son Justin Combs, then she apparently was also dating Future! But back in Decemeber Lori was spotted jewelry shopping with Trey Songz. Both Justin and Future took shots at her on social media.

When she was spotted with Trey, she tried to duck the paparazzi but was still photographed, and both Justin and Future said she ducked too soon! Watch the video below but skip over to the :10 mark!

Well after that she and Trey Songz were going pretty strong, even making it Instagram Official - but just about a week ago Lori whipped her IG clean of all her photos with him! THEN she was spotted at a club making out with British race car driver Lewis Hamilton. Apparently, Lori was upset that Trey was flirting with other woman so she wanted to get back at him!

Now even though all the photos are gone, she is still following Trey on Instagram! AND Trey left this photo up on his account! That's Lori's foot! I really thought they were a cute couple, maybe they'll be able to work past this!

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