Summer Bunni Tries To Come After Cardi B with a Diss Track!

Get out of here! UGHHHH so you remember Summer Bunni right?! She was one of the girls Offset cheated on Cardi B with. She was the girl that tried to give Cardi B an apology and said she didn't realize how serious their marriage was! GIRL...IT'S MARRIAGE!!

Well now she's dropped a track coming after Cardi B. In my opinion I think this is so lame. What?! Do you not think your music career can stand on it's own? You have to try and attack Cardi just to get attention? Clearly not!

U say I’m broke but you know once u paid me

Oops let me not get to saying, S*** I just bodied you b****

Plus that n**** too all he do is lie to you b****

You really you a real life sad b****

Now u mad cause I been had your bag

b**** Uh check you time now your time is up

FaceTiming On my phone when he wanna f***

Summer, just so you know, Cardi might not respond because she's busy , she’s currently hosting a new music reality show, touring, being a mother and a mouthpiece for the Democrats, not to mention her husband Offset is doing all he can to win her back.

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