Cardi B Responds To Rumors That She's "Suing" Quality Control!

So earlier reports came out that Cardi B was going to countersue Quality Control in connection with allegations that a guy asking for an autograph was beaten up by bodyguards last year!

According to The Blast " Cardi's legal team has reportedly asked for the claims against her to be thrown out, arguing that any alleged "wrongful conduct" was the fault of Quality Control management and the Mark Hotel in New York City."

BUT not so fast - Cardi was QUICK to come out and set the record straight! She posted a screenshot of the headlines and said " BIG F***** LIES 😂😂wow ! This is sooo scary who come up with this ? Don’t ya know we family! Anyways TWERK record is #29 on billboards and Offset album coming soon and is beautiful.

See, this is why Cardi is amazing, she won't let lies spread about her! She always sets us straight!

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